Safari Ltd ,Incredible Creatures ,Veiled, Chameleon ,Baby, Hand-Painted ,Toy, Figurine, For Ages 3 And Up

Safari Ltd ,Incredible Creatures ,Veiled, Chameleon ,Baby, Hand-Painted ,Toy, Figurine, For Ages 3 And Up

 SPARK YOUR CURIOSITY – Prepare to marvel at this fascinating reptile! Chameleons are old world lizards famous for their ability to change color. Though originally from the Arabian Peninsula, Veiled Chameleons now also inhabit some areas in Florida and Hawaii. They tolerate a range of conditions, survive well in captivity, and are very popular among owners. Newly hatched Veiled Chameleons are pastel green in color and develop stripes are they age.

PART OF THE INCREDIBLE CREATURES COLLECTION – The Incredible Creatures collection features EXTRA-LARGE, true-to-life vinyl replicas of some of the most amazing creatures in the world, including the delicate and often endangered inhabitants of our planet.

MADE WITH INDUSTRY-LEADING STANDARDS – Like all Safari Ltd products, the Safari Ltd Incredible Creatures Veiled Chameleon Baby has been individually hand painted, features quality construction from safe, phthalate and lead-free materials, and includes an educational hangtag in 5 languages.

REALISTIC APPEARANCE FOR MULTIPLE USES – Realistic, educational, and fun, this figurine is suitable for a range of interests, including collectors, enthusiasts, teachers, and kids. Admire it on a shelf, use it in the classroom, or simply enjoy playing with it.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS – Measures 6.5”L x 3”W x 4.2”H. For ages 3 and up.